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Livability! - One Life To Live - No Regrets to Give!

Livability! - One Life To Live - No Regrets to Give!

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Livability! One Life to Live – No Regrets to Give.

 A book about doing all that you want and designing the life you want to live with knowing what to deal with and how to deal with it!

Everyone wants to be productive! It feels good to look at something and say “Yeah I Did That, I Created that, I’m behind that. But in order to do that, you have to know how to manage your time, how to setup things that can work for you vs you working for it. Most importantly embracing yourself and able to embrace life with excitement and gratitude.

Productivity looks different to different people, but the feeling is universal. For one person, creating an incredible presentation or meeting the needs of a specific client can make them feel amazing. For another, it may mean developing a new product or coming up with a new line of service.

Realizing that you have one life to live & no regreats to give positions you to know just how to move forward and get things done!

We will discuss these concepts in depth throughout these chapters and you’ll have a stronger understanding of how to fully manage your time and live your best life creating your Livability!

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